Growing Media & Lawn Care

One of our biggest ranges of products, LBS Horticulture’s range of growing media and lawn care products is unrivalled for both its depth and quality. From lawn tools and moss weed control, to fertilisers from Vitax, Osmocote, Maxicrop and more - we have the lot! The growing season can make it a tough old time for your lawn. The winter freezes it up and makes it sodden with water logging followed by the brutal treatment of the summer sun and the maintenance that goes with it. So, it’s no surprise that some extra lawn care might be just what yours needs to keep it healthy all year round. Make sure your lawn compliments the rest of your beautiful garden by being green, bright and brilliant using the range of lawn care products we have available like general feeds, fertilisers, dressings and all the essential growing media like composts, aggregates and various other accessories. Or alternatively if you prefer to use artificial matting to keep things modern and low maintenance, or to simply fill in a gap that your lawn quite occupy, then we have a range of top quality artificial grass matting to relieve the stress of lawn preservation.