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LBS Buyers Guide Blog

  1. Slay the Slugs

    Slay the Slugs
    If you’ve ever had your own garden with plants progressing nicely through sunny summer growth, then you’ll be familiar with the fierce leaf munchers which are the culprits of such rampant garden feasts - slugs. These slimy wrecking machines are capable of wreaking havoc on the garden, despite their slow trailing nature; time lapse videos produce some frightening footage of...
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  2. The Brilliance of Bamboo

    The Brilliance of Bamboo
    Bamboo canes are a staple and traditional building material employed by avid gardeners from around the world. Amazingly, bamboo has a higher specific compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete and a specific tensile strength that rivals steel while being completely renewable. The high durability and malleable nature of these ancient plant poles has made them a popular choice of material for different...
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  3. Artificial Grass Matting - why should you make the switch?

    Artificial Grass Matting -  why should you make the switch?
    Artificial Grass matting can be a very valuable, easy alternative to the grass lawns that gardeners sometimes find a chore to look after. Especially now the winter has passed and we are deep into the more pleasant weather of Spring, turfing out your lawn and incorporating a brand-new shining artificial grass lawn could be the way to go. If you’re...
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  4. May Gardening Tips

    May Gardening Tips
    May Gardening As we saunter out of April and begin to skip through into May, the weather is starting to warm up and the summer seems to be tantalisingly teasing us around the corner. For gardeners, this brings with it a whole array of jobs to be getting on with in preparation for the promising growing season ahead – So...
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  5. Pruning Persistence

    Pruning Persistence
    Pruning is an age-old gardening technique that can be used to better preserve apple trees, roses, wisteria, lavender and clematis among many other shrubs, fruits and perennials. If you want to get the most out of your plants, then learning a few useful tips and tricks when it comes to effective pruning could be just what you need to further...
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  6. April & Easter Gardening - Tips To Prepare For The Summer

    April & Easter Gardening - Tips To Prepare For The Summer
    Easter Gardening With the April month around the corner and Easter weekend fast approaching, there are few gardening to do’s that you could be ticking off the list. April can be a wet old month, but it can also be a shining sign of the growing season ahead and prime time to prepare for summer. With flowering trees starting full...
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  7. Wire Netting Fortress - protect your plants and livestock

    Wire Netting Fortress - protect your plants and livestock
    Wire netting is a staple shield of protection for the grow your own gardener in many agricultural and rural locations. Burrowing squirrels and rabbits can be kept at bay while chicken and other low flying birds can be effectively protected from predators. If you're serious about your garden and the animals you keep, then implementing an effective wire netting fortress...
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  8. Pots & Containers - Spruce Up The Garden Scene

    Pots & Containers  -  Spruce Up The Garden Scene
    The Easter period is fast approaching which means it’s time for gardeners to roll up their sleeves and put in the graft in preparation for a prosperous growing season on the horizon. One of the best ways to salvage a suffering garden scene that has been neglected over winter, or even one that needs some finishing touches is some attractive...
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  9. The early bird catches the worm

    The early bird catches the worm
    Are you prepared for the onslaught of an avian assault? Birds can be the perfect compliment to a stunning garden scene, with their melodic singing and colourful appearance. However, gardeners know all too well how much of a pest they can be. Once birds find a comfy spot in a garden to roost and feed, they’ll stick around for a...
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  10. Increase your sales with better merchandising

    Increase your sales with better merchandising
    For any thriving business to progress and increase its sales, the display of products in a creative and ordered fashion which provides an obvious attraction for the customer can be hugely beneficial with little effort required. So, it really is a nifty yet essential tool that can be easily implemented. Effective visual merchandising can entail incorporating fancy displays and packaging...
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