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Our mission.

In an industry reliant on adapting to the ever changing patterns in weather and climate, LBS Horticulture has always strived to keep ahead of the trends to keep our customers thriving in their business each year.
In our 50 year history, LBS has always focussed on the need for flexibility and reliability for our trade customers. We know the pressures our customers face in adapting to the ever changing, volatile British weather. The importance of having a large stock and a wide range of horticultural, irrigation and landscaping products available with quick delivery times at great trade prices is our number one priority as a company. Just as important is the aftercare our customers receive. Under our care, once an order has been placed with LBS Horticulture, our sales and customer service team are dedicated to ensuring you are 100% satisfied with your purchase, products and delivery. Our staff are also experts in the horticultural industry and are happy to help with any queries you might have on any of our products.

Our story.

LBS Horticulture has a long history in the horticultural industry, with its roots going back 50 years when the company formed under the name “Lancashire Bale & Stack Company”. On a small dairy farm in Barrowford, Lancashire, the company produced polythene film to protect hay bales on the fields, prior to transit to covered sheds.
Over the course of 50 years, the company has grown to become the country’s largest independent horticultural distributor. LBS now supplies over 5,000 products nationally and globally, from horticultural supplies to irrigation systems and commercial chemicals to polytunnel covers and accessories. Providing to small allotments and hobby customers, to large scale nurseries and national trusts, our long history guarantees that the products and service you receive are based on years of expertise in the industry.

How we've changed.

Over the course of 50 years, it’s easy to forget the company ethos that the foundations were built on. At LBS, we haven’t forgotten our humble beginnings and remember that our business’s roots were based on providing innovative products and solutions to the horticultural industry.
We sowed the seeds the formed the companies Northern Polytunnels and Porous Pipe, with Porous Pipe becoming the country's leading manufacturer in drip irrigation soaker pipe.
We have also introduced new product lines, such as Spray & Away: Cleaning Solutions, as well as Bronte Heritage Collection Composts. Both made to the highest quality and standards, both priced low for our trade customers.

How we've grown.

We aren’t afraid to admit it, we’ve had a few hiccups along the way… Since under new ownership in 2017, we’ve gotten back to what we do best and are focussing solely on our customers in the Horticultural, Irrigation and Landscaping industry. Over the last couple of years, and with a bit of thanks to the introduction of our bumper 50th Anniversary Trade Buyers Guide, our business has been growing exponentially. We’re employing more staff each week and hiring new sales agents for the road to visit our customers in your workplace

Who we serve.

Whether you’re a farmer in cumbria, nursery owner in Kent, or an allotment owner in Cornwall, we deliver nationwide (free delivery for mainland UK when spending over £150 pre tax). We sell one off orders for those looking for single items such as heavy duty tree containers, or can provide large quantities for repeat customers. Customers can also track previous orders through by logging into their accounts on our website.

What we offer.

Trade quality horticultural tools and equipment, trade quantity composts and fertilisers and the widest range of brands and products all in one shop. We really have gathered the largest catalogue of horticultural product lines and brands on the internet. We know it’s fundamental that our customers have access to every type of horticultural product for every type of horticultural job.

Our customers.

The customers we serve are as broad as the range of our products. From St Michael's Mount and the National Trust, to the NHS and Blackpool Zoo. Our product range is incredibly extensive, which is why any horticultural expert from their industry, big or small, shops at LBS with confidence.

Who are we?

So, who are we as a team? We have staff who’ve been with us for over 30 years, grown with us and understand all aspects of the industry. There are past apprentices who are now senior members of the sales team, as well as young and keen, new apprentices being brought through. All of us are local to Trawden and its vast countrysides, and care about the continuing strength of horticulture in the UK. As a company we’re conscious of the environment, which is why we’re always searching for new eco-friendly and plastic free products. All of us are gardeners, allotment owners and all the team take advantage of their staff discount in the LBS Garden Outlet below our office. We love what we do, which is why we’re always happy to help our customers in their chosen industry find the right products at the best prices for you.