Baskets & Planters

An assortment of mesmerizing flowers is the perfect way to accentuate the natural beauty of a glimmering garden scene. And the best way to compliment those flowers which gardeners care for so delicately is housing them in an attractive and eye-catching flower basket or planter. LBS horticulture stocks a wide range of products including natural, rattan, wire, plastic baskets and planters along with liners, sundries and other basket accessories. We have a variety of natural hanging baskets available in a range of shapes and sizes made from rattan, rope, fern, coco leaf as well as many other materials which can provide an earthier feel to the garden. Our hanging wire baskets are another good option which appeals to the gardener who prefers a more modern look, coming in a selection of various shapes and a range of basket chains, brackets and environmentally friendly coir, jute and moss liners to go with them. For a more colourful, practical and potentially longer lasting basket, plastics can be very cost-effective and eye-catching choice. They can also be much easier to use with the feature of nifty water retention reservoirs.