Irrigation wholesale provider

The largest range of irrigation products, all available in one online shop and everything you need to create water irrigation systems for gardens, bedding areas, hanging baskets and more. Whether you're an irrigation supplies for allotments or in need of commercial irrigation supplies, LBS Horticulture caters to every gardener’s, landscaper’s and nurseryman’s needs and requirements at the most competitive prices on the internet.
Ensuring your crops are fully healthy and watered is one of the most important aspects of acquiring a fully flourishing garden or greenhouse, whether it is in the wilting heat of the summer or the harsh chills of winter. While many seasoned gardeners, growers and landscapers know this, they also know just how much of a chore manual and inaccurate watering can be, especially on densely populated large scale garden sites. LBS Horticulture has a huge range of garden irrigation supplies to fulfil every garden’s watering needs. We understand the importance of irrigation, which is why we stock everything needed to create quality irrigation systems. We stock drip irrigation, pressure vessels, water pumps, sprinklers, timers and controllers, filtration, storage solutions, pipe & fittings and much more to help gardeners save money in the long run as watering becomes less time consuming, more efficient with the additional benefit of being automated!