Phytoselulus Red Spider Mite Control (Up to 100m²)

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Where Red Spider Mite is already established, use Phytoseiulus, a fast-moving predatory mite. Temperature needs to be consistently over 20ºC. Repeat applications every 2-3 weeks in hot weather.

This product is only available: April May June July August September.

Control Red Spider Mite Control in the Summer months using Phytoseiulus. Spider mites are slow moving, normally light in colour with distinct dark spots on either side of their body. They feed on many soft or fleshy leaved plants, causing speckling and discolouration. At high densities they produce silk that can cover the plant. Mites will overwinter in conservatories, greenhouses or bamboo canes. If damage occurred last year, introduce the predators early.

Use regular introductions between June and August for effective control.

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