Woolmoss (Bio-Grow)

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Woolmoss (Bio-Grow)

Priced per 10KG bag

Woolmoss is a totally natural product made from renewable sources.  It is moss green in colour, fully biodegradable & guaranteed insect free.  Uniform consistency makes it ideal for high volume production where it aids efficiency and helps eliminate wastage.

Moisture retention Woolmoss retains moisture, reducing both the risk of drying out and the frequency of watering. It also allows excess water to drain away avoiding waterlogging and root damage.

Nutrient source  Woolmoss typically contains 7-10% nitrogen and trace elements of other plant nutrients that are slowly released to the plants within the hanging basket.

Totally natural 100% wool blend, from certified sources in the UK and Europe.

Safe to handle Heat scoured as part of the cleaning process.

Weather protection Woolmoss acts as an effective barrier against the wind and helps maintain temperatures in the root zone.

Aeration Woolmoss allows air through to the roots, facilitating gaseous exchange.

Shelf life Unlike moss, when stored correctly Woolmoss doesn’t dry out or rot.

Please Note: 10kg bag is sufficient for approx. 100 x 16” baskets

Colour may vary from picture shown