Liquid Feed Dilutor - 300 to 3,000l/h

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For 2015 we have re-designed the dilutors to improve their pressure resistance. Previously, if the 3.0 bar pressure was exceeded by a relatively small amount, the bottle would be damaged and leak. We have now fitted a steel band to the neck of the bottle to greatly increase the burst pressure of the bottle.

The Static dilutor improvements:

  • Combined uPVC head and boss for improved strength
  • Large bottle opening for easy filling of bottle and easier cleaning
  • Both ‘snap-on’ and Geka fittings included with the standard model (high flow model has Gekas only)
  • Steel strengthening band on the dilutor neck

The Mobile Dilutor improvements:

  • Easily changeable dilution jets in 100:1, 
  • 150:1 and 200:1
  • uPVC head for strength 
  • uPVC union fitting for easy removal of the metering head
  • Steel strengthening band on the dilutor neck

Dilutors are used where a low-cost solution to liquid feeding is required.

The ADS model is a displacement dilutor, so can be used with any feed solution that is heavier than water. As the solution/feed is drawn from the bottle, it is replaced with water, which lies on top of the heavier remaining solution.  When the solution has been used, the bottle will be left full of water.  Therefore, any movement of the dilutor during feeding will over dilute the feed solution. Likewise, any feed left in the dilutor overnight will mix with the water and will be over diluted the next day.  

Maximum Pressure = 3 bar (see page 320 for Pressure Regulators)

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