Garotta Compost Maker

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Garotta Compost Maker makes home composting easy and sustainable. Our new formulation now makes better quality compost quicker than before!

Home composting is a vital part of a healthy, sustainable garden. Garotta removes large amounts of waste that would otherwise end up as landfill. Furthermore it creates a natural supply of rich organic matter, useful to enrich your garden soil in beds, borders and vegetable patches.

  • Makes better quality compost for use all around the garden
  • New formulation with biological accelerator decomposing waste quickly
  • With added source of Chitin to build plant immunity
  • Easy to use in any compost bin or heap

Why Use

Garotta speeds up the natural process of compost whilst creating better quality compost.

Biological Accelerator:

A combination of microbes (both bacteria and fungi) quickly breaks down your garden  & vegetable waste.

Microbial Feed:

Gives he microbes a boost of immediately available nutrients. This microbe food speeds up the process of decomposition.

pH Neutraliser:

Lime is added to maintain the right pH to keep microbes happy

Natural Minerals:

These help drainage, prevents waterlogging and along with turning he heap, allows more oxygen in the pile for quicker decomposition.

Builds Plant Immunity:

Contains a  source of Chitin which provides plant health benefits when using  your new compost.

Expected Results

Garotta will help you produce a rich, dark, crumbly compost suitable for enriching garden soils

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