Polythene & Tunnel Accessories

Catering on a small scale for allotment owners, or on a much larger scale for nursury and garden centre owners, LBS are able to provide polytunnel protection that can withstand harsh British winters and are made to last. Our insulation, heating and lighting products provide flowers and veg grow to maximum potential. An essential environment for plants, fruit, veggies and flowers to grow to their maximum potential is a fully functioning polytunnel with a polythene cover that is free from damage or defects. Polytunnels offer a host of benefits for the keen grower; higher yields and a longer growing season, an environment that caters to a wider range of plants (some that would otherwise have to be imported) and protection from pests and harsh weather conditions. It’s also handy for avoiding getting soaking wet doing your gardening as well! LBS Horticulture stocks a wide range of the highest quality polytunnel covers, polytunnel accessories and garden structures. Our products include top brands to suit all your polytunnel needs. We have standard polythene films & covers as well as Lumisol Diffused Polythene coming with a 5-year guarantee from UV degradation. For all your polytunnel maintenance and support, LBS horticulture also offers a range of products to ensure your polytunnel and garden structures are fully supported with vital accessories like shading agents, thermal screening and connecting bolts.