Chemicals & Crop Protection

LBS Buyers Guide offers all the chemicals and crop protection supplies you need to keep those niggling garden pests at bay. We have a whole range of weapons which can be directly used to treat the attacks of rabbits, slugs, dog, moles and other rodents. Garden pests are arguably some of the biggest threats to the success of a promising growing garden, from the largest landscape litterers to the smallest berry thieves. We also offer commercial chemicals including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and weed killers as well as various storage options to protect against the onslaught of attack to your garden from every possible threat, be it animals or unwanted disease and weeds. And of course, along with that, you’ll need the appropriate clothing, safety equipment and suitable apparatus to get the job done effectively & safely; gloves, masks, ear defenders, spraying/ weedkilling apparatus and those stereotypical gardener’s jackets.