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  1. 10 essential allotment gardening supplies

    10 essential allotment gardening supplies
    We’re neck deep into the warmest months of the year which means vegetable and fruit harvesting is at its most opportune. Now is the time for gardeners, whether their a veteran grower sternly devoted to their paradise of organic matter or a casual amateur hoping for a bit of healthy veggie growth, to gather up their produce and scheme the next...
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  2. Save the bees with a buzzing summer garden

    Save the bees with a buzzing summer garden
    Hopefully we’re all aware just how precious bees are to us, and we’re not talking about how the little black and yellow buggers  complement the stereotypical garden scene. Bees are vital to the existence of the human race and their numbers are on the decline - any sign that they’re buzzing is starting to flutter out should be a major concern for...
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  3. Mulch landscaping supplies

    Mulch landscaping supplies
    A high quality and effective mulch is a must have landscaping supply, especially now in the summer when lawns are raring to spring back into life after the cold weather. What is mulch? Mulch is classified as any type of material which can be spread over landscapes and in particular soil layers acting as general cover. It can come...
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  4. 6 reasons gardeners need a polytunnel

    6 reasons gardeners need a polytunnel
    Polytunnels can be an almost invaluable addition to your garden supplies – once you get a polytunnel, you’ll never go back! Your growing efforts can be taken to a whole new level, increasing the range of planting opportunities available to you and allowing for more effective gardening all year round. Here are 6 reasons a polytunnel could benefit you and...
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  5. Land drainage pipe - waterlogging resolved

    Land drainage pipe - waterlogging resolved
    Land drainage pipe can be the perfect solution for landscapers and gardeners who are suffering with the dreaded burden of waterlogging areas. Sports fields, decorative gardens, farm land – none are excluded from the wrath of a heavy down pour. A sodden ground can be a near death sentence for compacted and clay soils, especially if you live in areas...
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  6. Garden structures using Bamboo canes

    Garden structures using Bamboo canes
    Garden  structures for plant support and other kinds of decoration can be made from a number of different materials, but one of the most popular and reliable is bamboo. Bamboo canes and sticks are are lightweight and impressively durable whilst also being very economical. Here at LBS horticulture we are one of the leading UK bamboo supplies distributors offering a...
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  7. 4 Rattan Garden Accesories

    4 Rattan Garden Accesories
    The popular wooden material known as Rattan comprises roughly 600 species of old world climbing plants. The Raw Rattan core that is collected after peeling can be manufactured into various to be used in furniture making. The peelings can be used for different kinds of weaving - and there’s an awful lot you can do with it! The durable, lightweight...
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  8. Plant Labels Please - The importance of marking your plants

    Plant Labels Please - The importance of marking your plants
    Plant labels can be some of the most valuable pieces of horticultural paraphernalia that a gardener can have. A near necessity for keeping track of all your plants in the sometimes-blinding maze of a thriving garden. So, what types of plant labels are there and what Is the best way to use them? Uses of plant labels? In...
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  9. Planting Perfection

    Planting Perfection
    Planting in garden pots, trays and containers All gardens can benefit from the decoration of pots, trays or containers housing beautifully colourful flowers and other attractive plants. Easily moveable and extremely convenient, they can be dotted around the house on patios, decking areas and balconies and can also be plonked in areas that don’t have very much garden space. So how...
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  10. Garden supplies for watering and irrigation

    Garden supplies for watering and irrigation
    All plants need water – even your 4-year-old can tell you that. But knowing how much water specific plants need, when to water them and the most economic ways of going about it are some handy tricks reserved for the wise gardener. Get your garden watering irrigation and watering right with the tips we provide in this blog. When to water? ...
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