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Heat Distribution

The heatwave root zone heating system is the only method that guarantees even spread of heat across an entire surface.

Each panel is calculated individually, ensuring the correct balance of circuit resistance & positioning. Resulting in no cold or hot spots - just an even temperature.


Aluminium foil base & elements coated in PTFE ensure both safety & durability. Panels are fully earthed and meet all European standards, as well as many other countries.

Heatwaves last a long time if looked after - the 1st panels, built in 1985, are still being used in a commercial environment today.

Easy Installation

Can be used on the ground or on any standard aluminium or wooden benching.

No sand is used, so no heavy bench materials are needed.

Seed Trays

Trays are warned from below and held at a constant temperature during the propagation process, ensuring rapid, consistent and strong growth.

Aluminium Heating Element

The Heatwave aluminium panel is laid over the polystyrene to offer uniform distribution from the internal heating elements. Wattage is 150 W/M².


A layer of polystyrene is placed over the worktop base to ensure that no heat is lost, and all heat goes into the soil trays above. Ideally 3-5cm (1.5-2") thick.

Thermostat & Sensor

A thermostat sensor is inserted in the root zone to measure soil or compost temperature. Can be set between 6°-38°, depending on plant selection.

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