Jiffy Quick Soil Mix Pellets (48)

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Contains 48 Botanian Quick Soil Mix Pellets (38mm diameter) to use as potting soil - ideal for sowing or planting.

For all outdoor and indoor plant, including vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Makes approx. 3L of premium potting mix.

These Botanian Pellets are peat-free. They're made from coir ("koy-ah"), an eco-friendly by-product from the coconut processing industry. We source and process our coconut husks responsibly.

How to prepare

Put the Botanian Quick Soil Mix Pellet(s) in a pot, bowl, or watertight tray. Add 60ml lukewarm water per Pellet and watch them expand into premium potting mix. After about 15 minutes, loosen the Mix thoroughly with a small fork or with your fingers.


The premium potting mix is now ready for your seeds, cuttings, or for repotting plants. See the Botanian Grow Pots instructions for additional advice on how to grow your favourite seeds or cuttings.

A single 38-mm Botanian Quick Soil Mix Pellet will fill a 6cm round Botanian Grow Pot.

Use 2 38-mm Botanian Quick Soil Mix Pellets to fill an 8 cm round Botanian Grow Pot.

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