ICL Sportsmaster Autumn 4-12-12 - 25kg

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ICL Sportsmaster Autumn contains compound granular fertilizers which are manufactured as mini-granules; easy application and even distribution. The fertilizer ensures proper root growth before the winter season arrives.

Perfect for pre-stress conditioning turf or for use at the end of the summer. This helps to harden the turf for the upcoming wear and tear of winter months.

Apply to dry foliage. Irrigation will aid in dispersion and limit risk of mower pick-up on low cut surfaces. Delay any vertical cutting or grooming until 3 days after application; allows granules to properly disperse.

Having a healthy lawn enables it to withstand many lawn issues such as weeds, moss growth, disease and drought.

Key Features

  • Ensures even growth, quality and colour over the applied area
  • Helps to deliver correct root growth prior to winter
  • Perfect for pre-stress conditioning or at the end of the summer
  • Small granules provide ease of application and an even distribution
  • Hardens the turf for winter's wear and tear
  • Coverage: Up to 750m²
  • Application Rate: 35-70g per m²
  • Analysis: 4+12+12 (4+5.2+10)
  • Area Of Use: Amenity Turf, Lawn, Sports Turf
More Information
Brand ICL / Everris
Pack Quantity 1
Bag Size 25kg
Coverage 750m²
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