Eco Plug Drill Bit

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An ingenious glyphosate filled plug that is inserted into tree stumps to kill and eventually eliminate it and its re-growth. The glyphosate is well encapsulated until the plug is driven into the stump. Once inside,  it will burst and the substance is released.

  • 100% selective method
  • Ecoplug Max may be used in any weather at any time of the year
  • No spillage of chemicals
  • No risk of damage to the surrounding nature
  • No risk for those who do the work to come in contact with substance
  • Each Ecoplug Max contains 204mg glyphosate, an active substance that is broken down completely by nature itself 

How to use:

Ecoplug Max should be inserted from above, at between 6 –7cm around the entire circumference of the stump.

Holes need to be drilled 30-35mm deep with a 13mm drill bit. For best results use the drill bit advertised.

Insert Ecoplugs into each hole with the thicker end protruding outwards.

Using a hammer, drive the plugs in completely so that its head seals the drilled hole causing the plug to release the herbicide. 

In most cases, you can estimate the number of plugs by measuring the stump diameter in cm and then divide by 4.

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