Dried Sphagnum Moss

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Growing Conditions

New Zealand sphagnum moss grows in the wet swamps of the west coast of the South Island where the annual rainfall is about 180 inches. It grows in thick carpets with each strand of moss up to 2 feet long.

Management Of The Resource

The government owns 90% of all swamps. The Department of Conservation manages the swamps and leases them under strict supervision.


The moss is cut and harvested by hand at water level, leaving the plant intact to re-grow. A swamp can be harvested every three to four years.

Water Holding

Sphagnum moss will hold about 20 times its own weight of water. A 14 inch liner will hold up to 3 litres of water.

A 3kg pack of moss will line approximately 25-30 x 12” baskets.


  • Sphagnum moss is dry, making it easy to handle, lightweight, easy to store and gives it a long shelf life
  • Sphagnum moss is clean and is free from grass, stone, and twigs. It is also insect free and mollusc free
  • This top quality product is environmentally friendly, harvested from a self re-generating source and farmed on rotation
  • The high zinc content helps plants recover from handling
  • The large cell structure means Spagmoss re-hydrates faster
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