Clear Polythene Sheeting

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We keep in stock an extensive range of clear polythene suitable for a wide range of applications, including low cost protective covering, protecting capillary beds etc.

CP41 is often used as a fumigation sheet.

Please Note: Clear polythene is NOT UV stabilised

Full Specs:

Sheet Width Roll Length Gauge Micron Fold Folded Width
1m 200m 500g 125mu Single Width Sheet N/A
2m 200m 150g 38mu Centre Folded 1m
2m 150m 250g 63mu Centre Folded 1m
2m 100m 500g 125mu Centre Folded 1m
2m 50m 1000g 250mu Centre Folded 1m
4m 100m 150g 38mu Yes 1m
4m 50m 500g 125mu Yes 1m
4m 25m 1000g 250mu Yes 1m