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Chikara® is a long lasting total weed killer, meaning, when used at the correct rates it will control most annual and perennial weeds for up to 5 months depending on rate.

Chikara® is a water dispersible granule formulation for use as a non-selective residual herbicide on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, permeable surfaces overlying soil and hard surfaces (railway ballast only). This is ideal for paths, fence lines & gravelled areas.

A water dispersible granule formulation, providing weed-free areas in amenity and industrial situations with a useful broad-spectrum pre-emergence residual herbicide for the control of a range of broad-leaved weeds Chikara is an ideal replacement for Diuron and is ideal to mix with Glyphosate 360.

Key Benefits:

  • Long lasting total weed killer that, when used at the correct rates, it will control most annual and perennial weeds for up to 5 months.
  • Chikara® is a water dispersible granule formulation ideal for use on paths, fence lines and gravelled areas.
  • Pre-emergent and early post-emergent weed control.
  • Can be mixed with glyphosate to control emerged weeds.
  • Combines both a contact and residual mode of action.

Best results will be obtained when Chikara® is applied in early to late spring before new weeds have germinated.

Active Ingredient - 25.000 % w/w flazasulfuron

Application Rate:

Knapsack rate: 7.5g in 20ltr

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