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Bronte Heritage Bug & Mildew Control is ready to use on ornamental and edible crops. It controls a wide range of pest species including Whitefly, Aphid, Red Spider Mite, Mealybugs and Psyllid.

Due to physical mode of action these pests will not become resistant to this product. Has no harvest interval.

How It Works

Bronte Bug Control simultaneously stops plant pests from moving and being able to feed, whilst providing plants with the nourishment needed to promote healthy growth and strong yields.

Directions For Use

Apply early morning or late evening. Always do a test before full application to ensure the plant can withstand the application. Do not apply in full sun as this may risk scorching of the plant. Shake well before application. Turn the nozzle to the ‘ON’ position, when finished applying turn back to the ‘OFF’ position.

Application Rate

Apply thoroughly to upper and lower leaf surfaces. Re-application can be applied weekly to keep full control of the pests.

Storage Information

Store out of direct sunlight above 10⁰C and below 25⁰C.

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Brand Bronte Heritage
Pack Quantity 1
Volume 1L
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