AquaMat Capillary Matting

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1. Multi-Layered

14 finely spaced layers each act as a reservoir resulting in constant and uniform water displacement throughout the whole area. Even as plants use water, it is replaced by that held in the mat, so a uniform supply is available for use.

2. Constant pF

Capillary rise is strong and uniform minimising dry spots. Water is supplied to the plant constantly even on gently sloping or uneven benching.

3. Good Wet/Dry Performance

Aquamat will shrink slightly when dry expanding again when wet giving constant performance.

4. Optimum Thickness

Aquamat has been developed at one of Britain’s leading flower research and development centres, ensuring the product gives a reliable service to producers of bedding and pot plants.

5. Non-Toxic

The materials used in the production of Aquamat are non phyto-toxic. Aquamat is easily cleaned and reversible giving more than one season’s service.

6. Sterilisation

Easily sterilised by steam cleaning & will not react to most proprietary brands of algicides.

7. Ease of Laying

Aquamat is very easy to lay. Its flexibility makes it easy to move, cut and overlap.

Technical Details:

Weight: 380-400g/m²

Field capacity: 3.2 ltr/m²

Capillary rise: 7cm or more depending on water softness

Colour: Green upper, White underside

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