ABS Thrips Control (Up to 25m²)

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Amblyseius is a predatory mite that will feed on the thrips larvae. In addition they will help control a wide range of mites, including Red Spider Mite.

This product is only available: April May June July August September.

ABS contain bran and bran mites that the Amblyseius breed on. They then continuously emerge from the sachets, producing thousands of predatory mites over a period of 6 weeks. Very simple to use - just hang the sachets in the plants. The ideal temperature for ABS is 15-25ºC.

Thrips are small, slim brown insects about 2-3mm in length. They are difficult to spot on plants as they are often in the growing points or buds. They cause leaf and flower speckling or distortion.

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Brand Agralan
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