Scotts Universol Blue (18-11-18+2.5mgo+te) 25kg

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Universol Blue - Water Soluble Fertiliser

Universol Water Soluble Fertilisers are all-purpose feeds for quality crops in all types of plant feeding systems. A range of 4 analyses provide the perfect feed balance for all cultures including pot plants, bedding plants, cut-flowers and nursery stock.

Universol has been developed according to the latest technology in water soluble fertiliser design. Specific analyses are available for every growing stage. Universol contains all trace elements in a chelated form to ensure availability in difficult conditions. Citric acid is included to improve solubility. Each analysis contains a different dye to aid identification. Universol is readily soluble in cold water and all the dyes are visible in diluted feeds.


  • Universol WSF for all crops
  • Analyses for each growing stage
  • Easy colour identification per analyses on the bags and on the product
  • Good and complete solubility and high purity 
  • Citric acid = clear solution 
  • Good value for money 
  • Reliable Everiss quality 


  • Universol Blue has a balanced NPK ratio and elevated amounts of trace elements to help ensure an even growth in the middle of the season.
  • Additionally, it will help to increase the development of the plant.
  • It is a balanced formula to use after Universol Yellow.
  • 18-11-18 + 2.5MgO+TE

Priced Per 25kg Bag 

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Brand ICL / Everris