GDPR Policy

Collection of sensitive personal data

GDPR specifies a number of personal data categories, which it classes as "sensitive", e.g health information, ethnic origin or religion etc. 
LBS Horticulture does not knowingly process or collect any sensitive data. 

Why we collect your data

From time to time, when you visit our website or place an order over the phone with settings adjusted to accept cookies, you accept that LBS will collect data from you (the web user) but don't worry - it's not for anything untoward. The reason we collect data from you is so that we can learn more about your interest in our website. This information enables us to make big improvements to the LBS website and service, so you can benefit from a better user and customer experience. We can confirm here that any data collected will not be shared with any external organisations, your data is safe with us. 

Communicating with LBS

We take every possible measure to protect our customers and ensure they are provided with a secure method of communication. We do however ask that you share personal details through our website and over the phone at your own discretion. Any information you send us will remain private and be stored securely until it is no longer required. LBS will only ever use the information you have provided us to answer your queries and provide recommendations for suitable services we offer. With your permission, we may also subscribe you to our newsletter but we will never pass your information onto third parties, without first getting your consent. 


If you have any queries, clarifications or questions regarding this privacy policy then do not hesitate to contact us. Please contact us through the following methods:

The Data Protection Office
LBS Worldwide Ltd
Standroyd Mill,
Cottontree Lane,
Tel: 01282 873333