Eco Gro Bloomer 2 Litre (6 Per Case)

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EcoGro Bloomer is designed for all your flowering plants in beds, borders, pots and tubs. It is a natural plant food created from plant residues and contains no chemicals so is kind to your plants and the planet. It works with the microorganisms in the soil to create the perfect growing conditions for all flowering plants. Our bottles are 100% recycled containers which we encourage you to recycle again.

  EcoGro Natural Plant Food Chemicals
Reduces soil acidification
Increases soil microbe activity
Reduces panning and crusts in soils and creates better soil structure
Reduces water loss from better soil structure
Has 30% less CO2 emissions in production
Contains micronutrients beneficial to plants and soil

EcoGro’s natural plan foods not only helps the soils and reduces water loss, they also reduces Co2 emissions.

Primary Nutrients

The Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potash (K) content of our plant food is produced in a form that allows the microbes in the soil to work naturally when delivering the nutrients to the plants root. This means that less of these primary nutrients are lost in the air and washed away, so we don’t need to apply them in the same damaging quantities. BioPower delivers N, P and K in a drip feed way that makes for stronger plants and better soil health.

Secondary Nutrients

Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur are also essential for plant growth. EcoGro’s natural plant foods, unlike chemical plant foods that are available in most garden centres, contains these secondary nutrients and is less acidic. Chemical fertilisers can lead to soil acidification which alter the soil structure making it less open and locking out the nutrients which are then washed away or are not available to the plant roots.

EcoGro’s natural plant foods sits around a Ph of 7 which is neutral and similar to water itself, so is less harmful to the soils and the soil microbes.


Most chemical plant foods don’t contain micro-nutrients, also known as trace or essential elements. For years gardeners have used animal-based aspects like blood, bone meal or feathers to provide these micronutrients.

EcoGro natural plant foods contains the following micronutrients without the need for animal-based products:

  • Copper: Essential for soil enzymes to oxidise.
  • Iron: Important for enzymes in chlorophyl. It’s iron that makes plants green.
  • Manganese: Works alongside iron in chlorophyl production and photosynthesis. It is associated with respiratory enzymes in plants and accelerates germination and maturity in plants.
  • Molybdenum: Helps the plant to take up nitrogen and is particularly associated with legume nodules (Peas, Beans).
  • Zinc: Essential for producing chlorophyll, aids plant growth and improves root development.