Teku Poppelmann Grey Recycled Plant Pots - VCH Series

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100% Recyclable Plant Pot, Plastic Content 100% Recylced

The plant pots from this product range are at the top of the new TEKU? 4 level classification ? and for good reason: As the name suggests, in the product life they circulate completely 360 degrees back to the beginning, from production, use and disposal to kerbside recycling in the material loop. For these pots ? developed as part of Teku?s initiative Grey and Taupe ? we have already completely closed the material loop. Plastic accounts for at least 80% of the pots composition and this comes 100 % from household kerbside recycling collections as certified by the RAL quality mark.
11 Cases per Pallet

The Advantages of Cicular360:

  • Circular Economy / Closed Loop
  • 100% Recylcable
  • NIR detectable
  • Float-sink method
  • Made of 100% Reclyclable Plastic
  • Colou: Taupe or Grey
  • Printable
Case Ref Pots Size
Diam X Height
Volume Colour Case Qty
VCH11VOLRT10.5cm x 9.2cm0.51ltrTaupe1,932
VCG105RT10.5cm x 8.2cm0.46ltrTaupe2,072
VCG13RT13cm x 10.2cm0.89ltrTaupe1,134
VCH13VOLRT12cm x 10.6cm0.75ltrTaupe1,428
VCG12RT12cm x 9.4cm0.69ltrTaupe1,449
VCH9FRT9cm x 9cm0.37ltrTaupe3,132
VCG17RT17cm x 13.3cm2ltrTaupe540
VCG105RG10.5cm x 8.2cm0.46ltrGrey2,072
VCG12RG12cm x 9.4cm0.69ltrGrey1,449
VCG13RG13cm x 9.4cm0.89ltrGrey1,134
VCG17RG17cm x 13.3cm2ltrGrey540
VCH11VOLRG10.5cm x 9.2cm0.51ltrGrey1,932
VCH13VOLRG12cm x 10.6cm0.75ltrGrey1,428
VCH9FRG9cm x 9cm0.37ltrGrey3,132
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Brand Teku
Colour Black