Self Watering Raised Planter - Light Granite

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Features & Benefits

  • 20 Litre built in self-regulating reservoir keeps plants hydrated all year round plants take up just the water they need through capillary action no waterlogging. Thirsty plants can be grown side by side with dryer loving plants. If there is more than 20 Litres in the reservoir then water will overflow regulating back to 20 Litres.
  • In a typical summer period the reservoir will provide sufficient water for approximately 2-3 weeks (depending on temperature and the water requirements of plants being grown) easily providing sufficient water during holiday periods.
  • Capillary wicks and mat are supplied with each planter to support the working of the built-in 20 litre self-regulating reservoir
  • Assembled in minutes without any tools
  • Lifetime guarantee against rotting
  • Frost proof and crack proof reservoir will not freeze during cold spells
  • UV protected no colour degrading
  • Low maintenance no requirement for paint or other treatments
  • Planters have five legs with no sharp edges extremely stable, robust and safe for all ages
  • Has a compost capacity of 240 litres
  • Double walled construction keeps compost warm to promote faster growth
  • Planter height reduces risk of root fly and carrot fly and also deters pests such as slugs and snails
  • Optional purposely designed growing pockets to provide 10 individual plots these can be used to keep roots separated for more vigorous growing plants (e.g. mint) or for using different growing compounds these are also useful for schools where children can have their own mini garden
  • Planter height provides accessibility for those with limited mobility and the sloping sides enables access for wheelchair users

Manufactured from certified food grade materials

Professions which can benefit from the Moulded Planter

Residential customers - perfect for patios, front doors, smaller spaces, a feature for that awkward spot in the garden easy growing, accessible, visual impact

Grow Your Own market - organic growers, reducing food miles, have your own mini fruit or veg plot at home appealing for those who are giving up their allotments but still want to grow veg can also be added to an allotment to bring on plants

Herb Gardens - have your own year-round herb garden place near back door for ease of use the built-in reservoir and capillary action means thirsty herbs (mint, basil, dill, chives) can grow next to dryer loving herbs (lavender, rosemary, thyme, oregano) making for easy, foolproof gardening with healthy and plentiful crops e.g. using pollinating plants for a bee garden (yellow and black leg's planter) or perhaps a butterfly garden (purple planter). No maintenance required.

Schools - the bright colours, safety aspects make the planters perfect for school outdoor areas easy and safe to use, and the reservoir means no reliance on volunteers watering during school holidays. Plants grow quickly for speedy results (e.g. strawberries, herbs, tomatoes, lettuce etc) and children can enjoy the produce whilst learning about growing. Also, ideal for creating wildlife gardens

Special Needs / Sensory Gardens - all children need help learning how to use their senses - a child with Special Educational Needs, whose ability to learn through their senses might be affected, will need extra help to do this. A sensory garden can be easily and cost-effectively created in a raised planter - benefits include developing cognitive skills, speech and language and can have a calming effect. Factsheet available on garden4me website on how to create a sensory garden.

Care Homes / Dementia units / Hospitals - the benefits of horticultural therapy are well documented boosting the immune system, raising serotonin levels, relieving stress and boosting mood, providing physical exercise and social interaction. Garden4me planters create an instant garden - they can be used in communal or individual setting and provide an accessible gardening area for users to grow their favourite plants vegetables, flowers or herbs without the need to dig into the ground. The sloping sides provides better accessibility for wheelchair users.

Offices / commercial buildings - the planters can be used indoors and outdoors. Garden4me have placed planters in office reception areas to create an attractive visual display green space for visitors and workers alike. The ease of use and reservoir means no costly watering and maintenance contracts.

User manual and safety information

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Pack Quantity 1
Colour Light Granite
Width 80cm
Length 1.2m
Height 71cm
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