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Osmocote Pro

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Osmocote Pro - Controlled Release Fertilizers

  • This is second generation controlled fertiliser with a proven performance
  • Good value for money
  • Contains NPK, magnesium and all necessary micro elements in fully coated form
  • 100% coated NPK, Mg and traces.  Therefore plants are supplied with all nutrients during the whole crop cycle
  • Safe and reliable Everris technology

Osmocote Exact is suitable for all crop types, both outdoor-grown & those grown in greenhouses or  tunnels.

Incorrect product usage is kept to a minimum thanks to the coloured ‘tracers’. Longevity can be recognised by the colour of a few of the granules. You therefore always know for sure what the longevity of the product is when you are mixing it into the substrate.

Patterned Release of Nutrients

Within Osmocote Exact you can choose a release pattern. This shows how nutrients will become available for the plants during the longevity. It is the grower who decides the best release pattern for his crops or situation. 

The Exact Standard release pattern ensures the continuous and even release of nutrients throughout the longevity. Where plants have equal nutrient demand throughout the whole growing cycle, Osmocote Exact Standard is the best product. 

Crops which have difficulties with rooting often show a positive reaction when Osmocote Exact Lo Start is applied. The release rate of Osmocote Exact Lo Start is relatively low during the first stage of cultivation and increases over time. This pattern is ideal for slow rooting conifers and salt-sensitive crops.

Osmocote Exact with High K is ideal for crops in which compact growth is required or for situations where the water given contains high levels of nitrogen. Some plants with a long growth period have a higher need for potassium. Examples include perennials, berry-producing crops, cyclamens, primulas, violets and early-flowering crops.

Description Longevity Average Application Analysis Size
Exact Standard 3 / 4 Months 2-3 kg/m2 16-9-12+2.5MgO 25kg
Exact Standard 5 / 6 Months 3-4 kg/m2 15-9-12+2.5MgO 25kg
Exact Standard 8 / 9 Months 3-5 kg/m2 15-9-11+2.5MgO 25kg
Exact Standard 12 / 14 Months 5-6 kg/m2 15-9-11+2.5MgO 25kg
Exact Lo Start 16 / 18 Months 6-8 kg/m2 15-8-11+2.5MgO 25kg
Exact High K 5 / 6 Months - 11-11-18+2.5MgO 25kg
Exact High K 8 / 9 Months - 11-11-18+2.5MgO 25kg
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