Never Twice' Ice Remover - Liquid De-Icer (5 Litre)

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'Never Twice' Ice Remover is a high performance liquid de-icer for use on footpaths and public thorough-fares. Based on powerful de-icing technology developed for the aviation industry. Never Twice' Ice Remover can be used in any situation where ice poses a risk to pedestrians and users.

Our Never Twice Ice Melt contains Calcium chloride which is the most powerful of all common de-icers for melting ice and snow on sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and streets. No other product melts more ice, and melts ice faster, than calcium chloride. Calcium chloride is an essential part of any winter road maintenance program and will provide a safe surface for both traffic and pedestrians.  We think you will struggle to find another product which is as effective as this.

  • Extremely effective, fast acting and long lasting
  • Pour straight from the drum into your choice of applicator. For small areas the most convenient way is via a watering can, using a fine rose. For larger areas application by standard or knapsack sprayer is ideal
  • Supplied in easy-to-handle drums, Never Twice stacks neatly and safely for simple storage
  • Any unused de-icer can be poured back into the drum and stored indefinitely
  • Unlike salt, Never Twice is non-corrosive
  • Never Twice maintains effective ice control to lower temperatures than salt, remaining active down to temperatures as low as –25°C
  • To prevent ice forming, Never Twice can be applied before a frost
  • This will prevent ice formation for 24-48 hours unless washed from the treated surface
  • Unlike salt, 'Never Twice' is not trampled through shop entrances or into vehicles

Cold Temperatures: Calcium Chloride currently holds the record for melting ice at the coldest temperatures. While potassium chloride can melt ice down to approximately -13°F (-25°C) and rock salt down to -10°F (-23.3°C), Calcium Chloride can melt down to -25°F(-31.7°C). Apply neat with a knapsack sprayer or watering can.


Application Rate
For ice prevention - 15ml per square metre
For clearing established ice - 30ml per m2


Apply neat with a knapsack sprayer, watering can or s25 Liquid Ice Melt Spreader


"I used it at the end of last week and week end to help deal with the snow and ice we had here, I found that although it couldn`t stop the snow settling on the paths and steps I used it on, it did stop it from sticking to them making it easy to clear them unlike the areas I didn`t use it on. I did find it was very good at stopping ice from forming even on already wet paths and steps, and we had a minus seven frost!
Only one small problem with it, the containers it comes in are not stackable unlike the old Pro Brine ones, so if I want to stockpile it in future it will take up more room, but it wont stop me buying more as it`s very good stuff!"Richard Lake
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