Lumisol CLEAR Polytunnel Cover - Per Meter - Various Widths

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Clear Polythene (non-diffusing) - Due to its clarity, clear polythene allows around 2% more light to pass through than a diffused polythene film.  Although diffused films have several advantages over clear films, if the extra light is more beneficial to your crop (or geographical latitude) then ‘Lumisol’ clear polythene could be the right choice.

UV Absorption - This new generation film combines all the benefits of “Luminal” (great thermic & light transmission properties), but unlike normal greenhouse films that prevent short wavelength UV light (UVB) from reaching plants, this UV transparent film allows UVB to enter the greenhouse thus enhancing the fragrance, taste & colour of the crops. In addition, UV transparent films promote plant anti-oxidants which are good for health & encourage stronger plants. This greatly benefits plant raisers & young growers as stronger plants can be easier to plant out thus saving time & raising productivity. 

Anti-Fog (Condensation Reduction) - Thanks to its unique additive, Lumisol is able to control the condensation of water on the film. Providing the film is properly installed, water will condense uniformly on the plastic sheet rather than form as droplets. This reduces the risk of water dripping on to the plants below and prevents the loss of light caused by these droplets, which can account for as much a as 25% light reduction.

Quality - Plant scientists from the University of Reading have shown that growing soft fruit crops under Lumisol can lead to early picking & improve a wide range of fruit quality parameters including the production of secondary compounds linked to human health, taste, fruit firmness & shelf-life. 

In commercial trials carried out by Lancaster University & Stockbridge Technology Centre (UK), Lumisol has consistently produced the highest quality propagation salad & vegetable crops with increased leaf thickness, vegetative strength & root : shoot ratio.

5 Season Guarantee Against premature UV degradation 

Light transmission Over 87%

Thickness 720g (180mu)

Thermic effect Over 80%

British Film Designed for the British Climate

Light Diffusion Under 30%