Humax Multi-Purpose Compost 75ltr (PALLET)

Humax Multi-Purpose Compost 75ltr (PALLET)

Levington General Container Nursery Stock Compost 75ltr (PALLET)

£383.40 £319.50

Levington General Container Nursery Stock Compost

Priced per 45 bag pallet. 

The general production of container nursery stock requires specialist container growing media designed for a wide range of pot sizes, with an open structure allowing good root development in all growing conditions.

For use as a liner, general or nursery stock compost, perennials, containers and stock plants growing in 9cm up to 3ltr pots

Suitable for all types of nursery stock except ericaceous

Blend of 0-10mm & 6-12mm particle sizes

N90 P45 K150 (mg/ltr added) 

pH 4.8-5.3

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. 

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Brand ICL / Everris
Lead Time 7 days