Danish Trolley Track

Danish Trolley Track

Heavy Duty PVC Paving

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These heavy duty PVC paving sections can be interlocked, length ways to create a 80cm wide path, or sideways to make a 1.2mtr wide path. They can even be interlocked in a grid formation (both, end to end and side by side) to cover a large open area. These can also interlock with Danish trolley tracking (facing page) to create the extra width required for corners, bends and turning circles.

40cm wide, interlocking ramps are used to allow smooth trolley access, and to prevent pedestrians from tripping as they step on to the walkway. Two ramps are required at each end for an 80cm wide pathway, or three ramp sections per end for a 1.2mtr wide pathway. Upper ramps are required for one end whilst lower ramps will be needed for the opposite end. If creating a large area e.g. 12m x 12m, and you require ramps along all four sides, then you would require 60 upper ramps and 60 lower ramps (and 150 paving sections).


  • Combinable as a turning area with CC path slabs
  • Can be driven over by a car
  • A pimpled closed surface
  • Can be inter-linked

Size 120cm x 80cm x 2cm, weight 20 kg per piece.
Ramps: 40cm wide
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