Feeder Cartridge For 5mm Feeder

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This feed system is the ideal solution for providing much needed food and nutrients easily and effectively through your drip irrigation system to all your baskets, tubs, troughs, window boxes and patio planters. By effectively releasing small quantities of plant feed through your drip irrigation system, your baskets, tubs, troughs, window boxes and patio planters will respond accordingly and look fantastic for the full season.

The feed cartridges are simple to replace and will last approximately a season.

  • Very easy to install, all connectors are simply push fit
  • Introduces fertiliser every time you water
  • The light duty model takes the small 5mm irrigation tube
  • The heavy duty cartridge feeder takes standard plastic garden hose connectors such as the ones on page 326
  • Each feeder includes a feed cartridge - NPK 12-12-12 Fertiliser 
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