TEKU 17cm X 6 Cell Round Pot Trays (Case of 72)

TEKU 17cm X 6 Cell Round Pot Trays (Case of 72)

Teku Square Cells Tray 21ml | 220 Plug Trays

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These trays are not just and well built, but in the long run they are also pretty reliable as well and they can also easily be used to hold multiple small plants at the same time easily enough. They have strategically placed holes for better drainage, overall.

They are also pretty easy to separate from each other and can easily be stacked and de-staked in vertical lines. They are also great at optimizing the overall cultivation periods of the young plants and at the same time help ensure the smoothest and most trouble free extraction of even your very young plants even at the same time. So make sure you get these trays so that your plants remain as healthy as ever.

Cells Per Tray Tray Dimensions Tray Depth Cell Shape Top Cell Dimensions Cell Volume Trays Per DT Shelf Case Qnty
104 50 x 28cm 4.2cm Square 2.9 x 2.9cm 21ml 5 95
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