Legionella Dipslides (Pack of 10)

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Legionnaire's Disease is an acute respiratory infection, caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila, and can cause many illnesses from a mild cough & fever, to potentially fatal pneumonia. There are around 300 reported cases of Legionnaire's disease in the UK each year & upto 14% of these are fatal.

Legionella bacteria are common in water sources such as rivers & reservoirs, but outbreaks can occur when bacteria colonise in smaller water systems (see list below).

Infection through drinking contaminated water or person-to-person is fairly low risk as Legionnaires Disease is usually transmitted through the respiratory system by inhaling contaminated mist or spray.

Therefore, persons controlling any commercial property must assess risk levels and ensure the safety of both public & staff. The HSC Approved Code of Practice for the Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems (L8) requires a risk assessment minimum every 2 years.

Potential Risks
Garden centres, nurseries & municipal areas using sprinklers & sprayers
Air conditioning units
Water storage tanks
Cooling towers
Any other system in which water is stored

LBS now offer a Mini Dipslide Incubator and Dipslides to assist the monitoring of legionella bacteria in water systems.

NOTE: Dipslides alone do not detect Legionella as a select micro-organism, however it is generally accepted that Overall bacteria levels in excess of 104 are considered able to support Legionella and are a serious risk.

Items come complete with Storage & Testing instructions

IMPORTANT Monitoring is not a substitute for a treatment regime, always seek the advice of a professional water treatment or environmental company who will supply a risk assessment and the required treatment system.
However, a weekly monitoring program lets you see how well the system is performing & identify any problems in-between visits.

Remember counts should never exceed 104 at any time!
If counts are 104 or above, suitable treatment is necessary immediately

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