Spray & Away: Cleaning Solutions

Moss Mover

The UK climate is ideal for the growth of moss, lichen or algae on external buildings and surrounding gardens, decking, paths and driveways. This will have a serious effect on the visual appearance and value of your property.

Until now you probably got the power wash out in an attempt to clean these difficult growths away… But as you know this is very time consuming and after all your effort… it doesn’t kill the moss.

A new breakthrough from Spray & Away called Moss Mover kills moss, Lichen and algae fast…with minimal effort.  Simply dilute the Moss Mover solution with water and you’re ready to go. The solution is very safe its non-caustic, non-acidic and does not contain bleach.

Moss Mover is ideal for spraying stone pathways, concrete and tarmac that has moss build up. As you can see the results are amazing.

Often ornamental stonework can become unsightly due to moss and algae, one spray with Moss Mover and its soon back to looking in pristine condition.

Decking and garden furniture are particularly prone to moss and algae build up making garden furniture unsightly and decking very slippery. Solve this problem fast with Moss Mover.

It works by killing the roots of the growth and over the next few weeks the weather does the rest and you’re left with amazing results. Moss, lichen and algae simply disappears.

Moss Mover works like magic… Order yours today.

Dirt Destroyer 

You know the importance of keeping your greenhouse or polytunnel free of unwanted bacterial and fungal diseases.

A new powerful horticultural disinfectant is available from Spray & Away called Dirt Destroyer, it makes keeping your greenhouse or polytunnel disease free a quick and simple task. Dirt Destroyer is a specially formulated synergistic blend that is bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal, yet sensitive to the user and should not harm insect predators that are used for biological control.

Dilute the solution as per the instructions and spray the work area fast without the need to remove plants or organic materials.  Dirt Destroyer is ideal to disinfect the water used to wash cuttings and bulbs. Keep capillary matting and sand beds in top condition by thoroughly spraying once a month and garden tools should be regularly immersed for 10 minutes.

Keep your green house or polytunnel disease free get Dirt Destroyer… Today

Window Wash 

Cleaning greenhouse glass is an essential task for the professional horticulturalist, getting rid of algae, moss, stick sap and other grime that reduces sunlight passing through the glass is vital.

A new window cleaner from Spray & Away called Window Wash ensures that windows are cleaned easily and are left sparkling clean without streaks or smears. Just spray Window wash onto the glass and gently clean…That’s it!  

Window wash gives off no fumes or odours and can be used in confined spaces. So the next time you are window cleaning get Window Wash … For sparkling clean windows.


An essential task for the professional horticulturalist is cleaning polytunnels, this can be very time consuming but it ensures the polytunnels remain efficient to keep plants healthy and extend the life of the polytunnel cover.

Over time, algae, moss, stick sap and dirt will build up, reducing the sunlight that gets through the polytunnel cover. That’s why Spray & Away have developed a unique high energy cleaning specialist polytunnel cleaner that contains no acid.

It transforms polytunnel cleaning, its fast and removes all the dirt easily. Simply mix the Poly-Purifier solution into the brush and brush gently onto the onto the cover…For a quick clean sparkling result.

Clean your Polytunnels fast get Poly-Purifier…Today.

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