25ltr Barrel For Trolley

25ltr Barrel For Trolley

DSA 45-1.5 Model Dosatron Injector

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Dosatron Injectors - Installed in a water supply-line, the proportional injector works whenever the water flows. The flow of water sets in motion the motor piston which is linked to the injector piston thus ensuring the drawing up of the solution.
The solution is mixed with the water and discharged into the outlet pipeline. As the motor piston is linked directly to the injector piston, the proportion of solution to water remains constant whatever the variations in flow or pressure in the system.

- For you: the high performance dispenser gives maximum output
- For your crops: exactly the right dose, when and where needed
- For your personnel: less handling of concentrates
- For the environment: reduces the risk of pollution through over-concentration of fertilisers
- The dispenser is completely hydraulic and so requires no electrical connections
- Precise dosing avoids waste
- Set it, leave it - it needs no further attention
- The dispenser is easily installed in the water line
- It works continuously
- The dosage is set externally
- Easy to use - just turn the water on!
- Disinfect, treat and ensure the maintenance of networks: dosing of products into irrigation water
- And dose almost any liquids or water-soluble concentrates

Water Authority By-Laws Require Dilutors To Be Connected To A Pumped Or Gravity Supply

Flow Range
Injection Rates
DI 16
10 l/h to 2500 l/h
0.2% to 1.6%
0.3 to 6.0 bar
¾" M BSP
DI 150
10 l/h to 2500 l/h
1.0% to 5.0%
0.3 to 6.0 bar
¾" M BSP
DSA 45-1.5
100 l/h to 4500 l/h
0.2% to 1.5%
0.5 to 6.0 bar
1¼" M BSP
500 l/h to 8000 l/h
0.2% to 2.0%
0.15 to 8.0 bar
50mm PVC
1000 l/h to 20,000 l/h
0.2% to 2.0%
0.12 to 10.0 bar
63mm PVC
D30S Turbo
8000 l/h to 30,000 l/h
0.25% to 1.25%
1.0 to 8.0 bar
2" M BSP
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