Jiffy Grow Bags

Jiffy Grow Bags

35mm x 38mm Jiffy 7c Pellets (Peat Free)

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Jiffy 7 pellets have been proven over many years by growers worldwide.   

Made from sphagnum peat with lime and with a low-ammonia fertiliser admixes, wrapped in a thin net of pH5.5 (+/-0.5).  Jiffy 7’s are supplied dry and expand to their usable size once water is added.

70% peat and  30% coir.

Jiffy 7C (Peat-Free) Pellets are manufactured from 100% coir, pH5.2 (+/-0.5)


  • Reduced transplant shock when potting-up
  • Fertiliser incorporation gives improved initial growth
  • Minimal root disturbance
  • Free air-pruned root development
  • Consistent, homogenous product
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