3.7m Wide 500g Polythene Cover - price per metre

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The LBS Super Cloche is probably the strongest cloche ever made ...

Constructed from galvanised pipe 25.4mm (1") diameters with a 1.5mm wall thickness to BS2989 standard.
Also with foundation stand design, these frames stand very solid & strong.
The frame can be covered with various covers including polythene, shade netting, bird protection net, fleece cover etc
Strong, simple to use & easy to transport, item comes with extra strong footing tubes.
Long-lasting, low cost protection of crops, plants etc
For ventilation simply loosen the sheet fixing band & slide the polythene up the side of the frame.
These frames are ideal for use in propagation units.
USES : Winter protection of nursery stock, forest nurseries, bedding plants, strawberries, courgettes, dwarf beans, peas, salad crops, cabbage, herbs, flowers & vines.

*Please note there is a minimum order of 10 meters*

Recommendations :
- Fix cloche down with wooden fixing stakes.
- Frames should be spaced at between 1m - 3m depending on wind exposure.

SC1500 - width 1.5m, H above ground 75cm, below ground 25cm
SC2000 - width 2m, H above ground 90cm, below ground 25cm
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